Coming Soon! REBarCamp Phoenix 5

REBarCamp Phoenix 5.  Yep.  Number 5 is scheduled for 8am on May 3rd at Scottsdale Stadium.  For those of you that are RE BarCamp vets, you know the drill.

No teachers, instructors, presenters, or pitches.

No pre-set agenda.

Attendees will determine the topics to be covered.  At each breakout session, chairs face each other, not the “front of the class”.  The idea is to share your knowledge with others while you absorb what others have to share.

In the world of real estate, this goes against the grain.  We are conditioned to attend CE classes, seminars, presentations and webinars.  Come join us on May 3rd to experience what many have said is the best event they attend all year.  Check out these videos that further explain RE BarCamp.

Click on the Eventbrite button to sign up.  The event is free.  There is an option to purchase a lunch for $10 plus Eventbrite fee of $1.49.

Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces at RE BarCamp Phoenix 5!




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