Taking Time to Work on Your Business


There are times when work engulfs us.  Sometimes it’s two steps back for every step forward.  We get buried in our business.  It doesn’t take much of this to create massive stress.

So, what can we do?

In the world of real estate, technological advances can be overwhelming.  Changes in the market also occur at a rapid clip.  In order to stay on top of these changes, you must budget some time to work on your business.

Why not set aside Friday, May 3rd as the day you connect, collaborate, and contribute to your business and your industry?  How?  RE Bar Camp Phoenix No. 5 returns to Scottsdale Stadium.  If you have been to a previous RE Bar Camp, you know the value it provides.  If you have not, it is unlike any other real estate conference you have attended.

The most common descriptor is “un-conference”.  There are a couple sessions scheduled with local and state assocation executives, but the vast majority of sessions are created the day of the event through crowd sourcing.  As you check in, you will be asked to submit session ideas for topics you want to discuss.  This means there are no presenters, instructors, and most importantly, pitches.

Every breakout room will have chairs in semi circles, facing each other.  Those that have knowledge on a topic share with those looking for help and answers.  It’s an organic process that benefits everyone.

Topics range from social to tech to broker issues to market conditions to whatever.  Schedule boards are posted around the stadium so you can pick and choose topics most important to you.

Lunch is available for a small fee and there will be an after party at a nearby Old Town Scottsdale establishment yet to be determined.

RE Bar Camp Phoenix is free to attend.  We do request you sign up so we have a head count in advance.

Grab an agent or two from your brokerage and make the commitment to work on your business for a day.  Looking forward to seeing you on May 3rd!

Coming Soon! REBarCamp Phoenix 5

REBarCamp Phoenix 5.  Yep.  Number 5 is scheduled for 8am on May 3rd at Scottsdale Stadium.  For those of you that are RE BarCamp vets, you know the drill. No teachers, instructors, presenters, or pitches. No pre-set agenda. Attendees will determine the topics to be covered.  At each breakout session, chairs face each other, not [...]

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Welcome to REBCPHX!

Today is the big day! Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Share. Participate. Learn. Thank a volunteer, they work hard. Go here, or type this URL in your mobile browser to see the schedule for the day: http://rebcphx.com/schedule

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The After Party


Shortly after REBCPHX 2012 was announced, someone asked me if there would be an “after party”. Really? You have to ask that question? OF COURSE there will be an after party! And now, we have sponsors! MEGA thanks to AZREPros for pulling this together. Along with EXP Realty, AmeriFirst Financial, Farmers Insurance and Sterling Title [...]

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What is a RE Bar Camp?

There is generally some confusion among first-time “Bar Campers”… What is it, what can I expect, what will I learn are all questions that pop into one’s head. We have a few videos that try to explain it on this page. And I just added this terrific video from and REBC held in Brisbane, Australia. Watch [...]

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